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Standard Issue and some non-standard issues

In addition to my regular freelancing work, I’m happy to say that I’m now the sub-editor for Standard Issue Magazine, a new-ish website for women who, like me, have better things to do than to worry about cellulite, celebrities or whether men think we’re scary. My unofficial job title is ‘back door girl'; so far, this seems to have had more to do with polishing copy and WordPress-based CMS than gender-swapped blues classics. If you spot a typo or a wonky picture, feel free to point and laugh.

Elsewhere, it’s journalistic business as usual and this month’s Wire has another of my avant-rock round-up columns covering everything from American Primitivist guitar to musique concrète inspired by the Black Death. Plus I chatted to the very amiable and ideas-filled Sam Belinfante about Fingal’s Cave for the Bites section.