My invisible side

I generally use the news updates to highlight my journalism work or the more editorially angled side of my copywriting, such as my composer interviews for hcmf//. But I also do a lot of ‘invisible’ work for clients, ranging from commercial copywriting to copy-editing, proofreading and indexing.

I’ve provided freelance creative copywriting for Bettys for more than four years now: as well as day-to-day work such as customer emails, copy for menus, newsletters and their website, I write a large part of each new mail-order catalogue. The Easter 2015 one is out now, and if my copy proves nearly half as enticing as the product photography, then I’ll be satisfied. See if it tempts you here.

Huddersfield-based Jeremy Mills Publishing is another longstanding client of mine and I’ve had a hand in preparing a number of their titles for print, editing manuscripts, checking proofs and compiling indexes of varying complexity from scratch.

I’m also open to taking on one-off projects, however large, small or unusual. One of the more interesting texts I cast my eye over last year was The Seven Heads of Gog Magog, a museum-inspired sound art blog steeped in myths ancient and modern.

So if you have something that needs an invisible author or editor, feel free to get in touch.