Whether it’s a last-minute proofread or the overseeing of a title from initial idea to publication, I can help you at all stages of the editorial process.


From correcting rogue apostrophes and tidying up grammar to rewriting, condensing and polishing longer documents, I can meet your requirements for a wide variety of texts. Examples of my past work include editing book manuscripts for Jeremy Mills Publishing, editing and rewriting programme copy for hcmf// and revising both details and the overall tone of an open-top bus commentary script on behalf of Welcome to Yorkshire.


If you need a freelance on-screen sub for just one day or for longer, please get in touch. With experience of working in both Quark and InDesign, I’m efficient, adaptable and quick to pick up house style. I’m based in Huddersfield but can travel to Leeds, Manchester or similar locations. My past work includes shifts for RAS Publishing, subbing across their range of B2B fashion titles, and previous employment as an editor for Leeds Guide Ltd.


I can ensure that your pages are proofread to a meticulous standard of accuracy and consistency. My recent clients include Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, whose festival brochures and programmes are packed with specialist music terms and complicated event formatting detail. I also have experience creating and proofreading book and journal indexes – well, someone has to do it.



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