Eureka! podcasts and more Wire writings

I’ve recently been making some podcasts for Eureka!, the children’s museum in Halifax, to support the social media tie-in with the launch of their new gallery, All About Me. Each podcast features a behind-the-scenes interview with someone who worked on the development of the gallery – a massive three-year project – including the team at Eureka!, AV production company Limehouse and a gang of children who were invited in to test out the new exhibits. If you want to hear more, the podcasts are still being added each week to the Eureka! Facebook page.

By way of contrast, the latest issue of the Wire features my Bites interview with Newcastle musician Richard Dawson, a lovely and fascinating fellow to interview, whose new album The Glass Trunk has songs inspired by the often grisly stories that he uncovered in Tyne and Wear Museums’ archives. I also get stuck in to new albums by Oval and Nancy Elizabeth, whilst the new(ish) In Writing section on the Wire‘s website has my column about whether live film soundtracks are an easy option or a valid artistic challenge for musicians and audiences.

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